Tolidi rugs, steeped in tradition and craftsmanship, hail from Uzbekistan—a land known for its rich textile heritage. These hand-knotted wonders blend antique allure with contemporary living. And here’s the exciting part: These rugs & carpets for sale are available both in-store and online at Cyrus Rugs in Queensland.

Distinctive Features

  1. Antique Aesthetics: Tolidi rugs evoke the charm of bygone eras, with patterns often inspired by Oriental carpets.
  2. High-Quality Wool: The wool used is of premium quality, ensuring durability and a soft touch underfoot.
  3. Natural Vegetable Dyes: Expect rich, earthy colors derived from natural sources—no synthetic dyes here.

Historical Roots

  • Uzbek Heritage: Tolidi rugs honor the weaving traditions of Uzbekistan, where skilled artisans have passed down their craft for generations.
  • Silk Road Influence: The Silk Road’s cross-cultural exchange left an indelible mark on Uzbek rug designs.

Choose Your Tolidi Rug

  • Explore our collection, where history meets luxury.
  • Whether you seek a small accent rug or a room-sized masterpiece, Cyrus Rugs offers quality and authenticity.

Elevate your space with the allure of handwoven & handknotted Tolidi rugs & carpets for sale at Cyrus Rugs

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