Tickling the Ivories With Spectacular White Rugs

‘Ebony and ivory’ is the most beautiful black-and-white statement of them all, and you can see it manifest first-hand in our range of rugs and carpets for sale. At Cyrus Rugs, we have the best rugs in Australia, and they’re ideal for folks who want to keep things toned down. The introvert of the colour spectrum, white is instrumental to an understated and serene environment. Use it to complement or add another shade of grey to any room.

What to Do With White Floor Rugs

At Cyrus Rugs, we endeavour to bring you an extensive and varied range of rugs to choose from. You’ll find that we have an assortment of small and large white rugs, some featuring patterns and others speaking through texture. Our sheepskin and shaggy rugs are excellent examples of decor that say more with their tactility than they do with their imagery—or lack thereof. Place these plush, pearly-white rugs around your space for that extra dimension of beauty and luxury. If you prefer to keep things neutral, these rugs can add layering and variety without deviating from the snow-white theme at hand.

White rugs can also provide fantastic contrast. Let’s say you’re working with walls of sky blue and you want to tone things down with some clouds. A white floor rug could be just your ticket to a more subdued lounge room, if it’s not providing the best point of contrast imaginable. If you’re familiar with Hamptons-style interior design or the Blue Willow decor aesthetic, you’ll know their common ground is blue and white. Both of these two-toned designs use white and blue to achieve an either relaxing or regal mood—and both succeed. So, whether you want to make something stand out or create a coastal sense of calm, your best bet would be to add white trimmings and touches—if you’re not already working white into your colour theme.

Love All Neutrals?

If white is just one of your favourite neutrals, you may appreciate our black and white rugs, which can provide a dynamic ‘checkerboard’ aesthetic. Like yin and yang, black and white are the ultimate tonal contrast, and their combination can make for an amazing accent piece. Place a black and white rug in a mostly-white room and see how it plays out. It may just become the keyboard on Liberace’s piano.

For those who want to experiment with black on white, we also have black rugs. Or, if you’re not a monochrome fan and would prefer to see fifty shades freed, we also have large grey rugs—which are super versatile and go with virtually anything.

Buy High-Quality White Rugs Online

As a family-owned business, Cyrus Rugs weaves passion into every last inch of product we create. For more than 30 years, we have helped customers find the perfect rug for their homes. As interior enthusiasts, we want to ensure you get high-quality rugs at affordable prices. That’s why Cyrus Rugs offers fantastic savings—we want to beautify your home with the best white rugs in Australia! (For those who love a well-furnished backyard, we also offer large outdoor rugs. So, if you’re more of an outdoorsy type, be sure to check those out, too!)

Shop online with Cyrus Rugs, who offers Australia-wide delivery, and enjoy free shipping when you spend over $250. You won’t find quality this high anywhere else, so order your favourite white round rug today!

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