Everlast Contemporary Abstract Rug - 1B
From $395
Sicily Rug - 101 Green
From $219
Fantasy Abstract Rug - 109 Green
From $115
Love Abstract Rug - 103 Green
From $135
Lazio Contemporary Rug - 101 Green
From $239
Crown Traditional Medallion Rug - 107 Green
From $319
Raymond Distressed Rug - 106 Blue Green Cyrus Rugs Australia
Raymond Distressed Rug - 106 Blue Green Cyrus Rugs Australia
Raymond Distressed Rug - 106 Blue Green
From $129
Soho Shaggy Rug - 116 Green
From $135
Casablanca Trellis Rug - 105 Green
Regular price $399 Sale priceFrom $319
Minnesota Traditional Rug - 126 Green
From $135
Star Traditional Rug - 107 Green
Regular price $139 Sale priceFrom $110
Fantastic Traditional Medallion Rug 748-Blue-Navy
From $239
retro squared design handmade wool high quality rug affordable cheap on sale carpet
Vintage Laama Square Pattern Wool Rug 250x172 cm
Regular price $1,790 Sale price$1,390
5 Star Wool Traditional Rug - 101 Green
Colorado Traditional Rug - 104 Green
From $165
Morocco Trellis Rugs - 128 Aqua
From $179
Love Abstract Rug - 111 Green
From $135
Lilihan Traditional Rug - 102 Green
From $995
Patchwork Rug - 121 Grey
From $115
Evoke Medallion Rugs Green 103049-56405
From $169
Love Abstract Rug - 117 Green
From $135
Star Traditional Rug - 104 Green
Regular price $139 Sale priceFrom $110
Phenix Indoor Outdoor Floral Rug - 103 Green
From $119
Minnesota Traditional Rug - 119 Green
From $135
Fantasy Abstract Rug - 123 Green
From $115
Antique Traditional Rug - 114 Green
From $139
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Washington Distressed Rug - 106 Green
From $199
Alabama Distressed Rug - 101 Blue
From $255

Green Coloured Rugs & Carpets

Decorating with green offers endless possibilities, from soft pastels to deep moody shades. Whether you’re aiming for a serene oasis or a vibrant statement, green rugs and carpets seamlessly blend style and comfort. Here’s why they’re a delightful addition to your interior design:

  1. Green Accent Wall: Introduce depth and personality with an olive green accent wall in your neutral living room. Pair it with furniture, window treatments, and accessories that combine natural materials and textures, creating a harmonious earth-tone vibe.

  2. Jewel Tones: Leafy-patterned and floral rugs in green makes a stylish statement in your dining room. Anchor the room with bare wood floors and a dark dining table, balancing the bright walls. 
  3. Minty Freshness: Use a pale mint green color rug to make your kitchen stand out. 

  4. Balanced Color Palette: Use Olive toned rugs for moody elegance amid white furniture and walls.

Remember, green rugs and carpets are not only visually appealing but also create a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. Explore our curated collection available online or in-store in Queensland & NSW, Australia, and discover the perfect green pieces for your home.

Whether you’re going for abstract patterns or distressed textures, these rugs will breathe life into your space. 🏠🌿

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