Rug Care

Handmade Rugs 
Contrary to popular belief, hand made oriental rugs do not require a lot of maintenance. Rugs and carpets made by Master Weavers have been known to last for decades, and in some cases, even centuries. Walking on hand knotted  rugs will not damage them, they are hand knotted for use in high traffic areas. If the natural fibres in your handmade rug are damaged by sunlight or permanent stains it is best to consult with our professional specialised cleaning service as cleaning and restoring handmade rugs is a delicate process.
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Vacuuming Oriental Hand Knotted Wool Rugs
Vacuuming wool hand made rugs with a quality vacuum will go a long way towards prolonging the appearance and life of your rug, we recommend vacuuming at least twice a week to remove the excess material that accumulates on the rug surface. Peeling of the rug is normal and in no way does it shorten the life of your rug, this is merely the result of loose fibres created during the weaving process.

Steam Cleaning Oriental Wool Carpets
Steam cleaning is most effective when performed by a professional with all the appropriate equipment. Powder cleaners and deodorisers can cause excessive peeling, if the area is heavily soiled, we recommend a different procedure or using a professional services.

Rug Stain Removal Methods 
When a rug gets stained it must be treated immediately, when possible, scoop up solids and liquids as soon as any spill occurs. Absorb as much liquid as possible with a white cloth or paper towel without scrubbing in order to prevent matting or fizzing. Dry foam and an absorbent pad is the most recommended method for treating stains in rugs, alternatively you can use a little bit of water to create a light detergent foam to scrub gently in the pile, then vacuum out when dry.

Rug Pads or Anti Slip Pads
Rug pads can extend the life of your rug by providing a smooth supportive base that prevents sliding (friction / abrasion) on hard surfaces by maintaining the placement of your rug.