Learnin’ the Blues

The beauty of blue rugs is that they can be whatever you want them to be. From bright and vibrant to understated and broody, our designs are varied enough to suit every type of bowerbird. If you like a plain rug to ground the floor of your living space, we can cater to that. If you prefer a bright spot of blue bursting with whimsical colours and designs, we can certainly help you there. Learnin’ the blues needn’t be a morose experience. On the contrary, we hope to reframe ‘the blues’ as a welcome addition to your home. Now that that’s settled, just one question remains: which shade of blue will do for you?

From Subdued Navy to Brilliant Sapphire

Our range of online rugs is a study in colour gradients, and blue is certainly not exempt from our examinations. We stock rugs in every shade of blue imaginable, from subdued navy to brilliant sapphire. We even lean into the ‘in-betweens’, such as blue-green and blue-grey, so you may also encounter some crossover with our collection of grey rugs. However you take your blue, we’ve got the rug for you!

As you peruse our brilliant blues, you’ll uncover some styles from which to choose. Discover rugs traditional, shaggy, retro and Scandi, among many other style choices. As many styles as we stock, rug patterns are where Cyrus Rugs truly shines. We are renowned for our Persian designs, and you’ll find many botanical, patchwork, medallion and transitional variations on this theme, as well as some plainer or more abstract options. Whether you want to buy multiple small rugs or one large blue rug, we urge you to check our online sales and take advantage of our Australia-wide delivery!

Blue Rugs for All Seasons

When you think of rugs, chances are you’re thinking of indoor carpeting alternatives, be these large floor rugs or something small. But did you know that Cyrus Rugs also offers rugs for the outdoors? If you’ve been hankering to spruce up your outdoor entertaining space, you should grab one of our blue outdoor rugs built to take Australian climates and seasons. There’s something poetically symmetrical about aligning a blue blanket under a blanket of blue sky.

Buy High-Quality Blue Rugs Online in Australia

Now that you’ve learnt the blues, here’s one last perk: when you spend over $250, you get free shipping! Take this as your sign to invest in that high-quality addition to your living space, be it sapphire, navy, aquamarine, or blue-grey somewhere in between. Shop our collection of blue rugs online and find that dark or oceanic touch you’ve been dreaming of. Blue may just be the hue for you!

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