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The beauty of abstract rugs lies in their unique way of balancing striking patterns with subtle sophistication. If you want something eye-catching and modern, an abstract rug is the perfect addition to your space. The non-restrictive artistic form encapsulated by these rugs is timeless, and can act as a focal point for any room. At Cyrus Rugs, we have single-shade and multicoloured abstract rugs in various tones, so you can choose the look that best suits your artistic vision and/or existing interiors. Our designs also utilise various shapes and patterns, so you can choose from hard, angular designs as well as softer looks. All our rugs are made of high-quality material that is both soft to the touch and durable. We even offer a selection of large outdoor rugs that will elevate any outdoor area.

You’ll be Floored by These High-Quality Rugs

At Cyrus Rugs, we get excited about variety and range. Our wide selection of rugs caters to all types and tastes, so that everyone can achieve their dream interior. Along with abstract rugs, we offer plain, geometrical, floral, patchwork and tribal designs, among others. We also have cotton, polyester, polypropylene and wool floor rugs, so you can choose the material that best suits your needs. Sizes range from small to large, with shapes such as oval, rectangular and round, as well as those used as hallway runners. Whatever your preference, you can buy your ideal rug from Cyrus Rugs.

Why Cyrus Rugs?

When finding a rug for your family home, it’s best to visit rug stores that understand that rugs are made to be lived on. This is what we offer at Cyrus Rugs. We endeavour to offer an incredibly varied selection and take pride in each and every one of our designs. We also prioritise value-for-money, ensuring our products are reasonably priced and able to last a long time despite inevitable wear and tear. You can also enjoy the benefits of free shipping for items over $250, and rest assured knowing that each delivery is carried out with care and efficiency. If you’d rather not shop online, we also have 20 in-store locations across Australia.

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Whether you want a small, large, vibrant, subtle, indoor or outdoor rug, Australian shoppers always love Cyrus Rugs. Shop our huge range today for beautiful abstract rugs!

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