Kashan Floral Handknotted Rugs | Handmade Quality Wool

Kashan floral handknotted rugs all have similar patterns, a single medallion in the center & florals. They are made from quality wool, often using kurk.

These rugs, hailing from the ancient city of Kashan in the middle east, weave together history, artistry, and elegance. Let’s unravel their rich heritage, explore their unique features, and guide you on identifying these masterpieces. And here’s the exciting part: you can find exquisite Kashan rugs for sale both in-store and online at Cyrus Rugs in Queensland!

A Glimpse of the Past

  • Safavid Dynasty Roots: Kashan rugs trace back to the 16th century during the Safavid dynasty. The city flourished as a hub for high-quality silk and wool rug production.
  • Regal Workshops: During the 18th and 19th centuries, the city housed royal rug workshops, creating some of the world’s most exquisite and expensive rugs. These treasures adorned palaces and grand buildings.

Distinctive Rug Features

  1. Intricate Designs: These rugs boast curvilinear motifs, often floral, woven harmoniously.
  2. Signature Medallions: Look for central tear-drop-shaped medallions—a hallmark of Kashan design.
  3. Tree of Life: Another popular motif symbolizing the connection between earth and heavens.

Materials and Craftsmanship

  • Fine Weave: Kashan rugs exhibit high knot density and fine weaving.
  • Natural Dyes: These rugs use natural dyes, lending them a unique richness of color.
  • Silk, Wool, and Cotton: Artisans blend these materials to create enduring beauty.
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