That Old Black Magic That We Weave So Well

Add a touch of black magic to your living space with the best rugs in Australia! At Cyrus Rugs, we’re rolling out rugs and winning black hearts with designs ranging from rugged and tactile to dark and mysterious. Whether you want to give off a dark look or underpin your space with something more patterned and complex, we have the black rug you seek. So, step inside our ebony tower and take in our high-quality collection!

Inside Our Ebony Tower

For a shade so strongly associated with monochrome, it’s a wonder black is as versatile as it is. On the other hand, the boldest neutral of them all is bound to insert itself into a multitude of designs, and our black rug collection is a testament to this. Choose from an assortment of styles, whether you like traditional rugs or something a little more abstract or Bohemian. Select your pattern, be your preference Chevron, diamond, floral, geometric, trellis or tribal.

If you want to keep things warm, you can insulate your floor with rugs of wool or cowhide—or, to weave your black magic animal-free, you can also invest in polyester, polypropylene or high-quality jute. Decide whether you want to lay down a circle-, oval-, square- or oblong-shaped rug and which size is your favourite. These parameters should help you spell out the black rug of your dreams! Alternatively, you can browse our entire collection and be bewitched by every option.

Beyond Black

If you’re not tickled pink by our black options, there are many other rugs you can buy. Keep your eyes peeled for an online sale! If you like your rugs Persian, we have many rugs available in that pattern. If you’re seeking large outdoor rugs, we can certainly help you there. Overall, we believe all spaces of the home deserve carpeting to insulate and decorate—and this extends to the courtyard and outdoor patio!

If you’re torn between two rugs, you can always buy both! In fact, you can enjoy free shipping when you spend over $250. If home is where the heart is, it only follows that you should invest in homewares you love. Enjoy delivery to any location in Australia!

Buy Black Rugs in Australia

So, how well have we woven our black magic on you? If your living space could use a bold underscore, you know what to do. Buy black rugs online from our extensive collection and enjoy ruggedness or elegance—ebony-style. We hope you take delight in a tactile cloak of night.

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