Afshari Rugs: A Cultural Tapestry of Tradition and Beauty

Embark on a journey to the heart of the middle east, where the semi-nomadic Afshar tribe has woven an indelible legacy in the world of rug-making. These remarkable rugs, known for their distinctive design and rich color palette, carry the essence of a culture steeped in tradition and artistry.

An Artistic Tradition Afshar rugs have been crafted for centuries, evolving their distinct style over time. Geometric patterns dominate, featuring central medallions and corner pieces. Borders often showcase smaller motifs, resembling stylized birds or animals. These designs reflect the tribe’s nomadic lifestyle and their deep connection with the natural environment.

A Colorful Palette Afshari rugs are renowned for their rich, deep hues—traditionally indigo, red, and brown. Natural dyes from madder root create the rich reds, while indigo plants yield the deep blues. The warm, earthy tones mirror the landscapes surrounding the tribe’s territories.

Craftsmanship and Techniques The Afshar are skilled weavers, employing both Persian (asymmetrical) and Turkish (symmetrical) knotting techniques. Hand-spun wool forms the pile and foundation, resulting in tight, fine weaving. The durability of these rugs stands the test of time.

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