Cyrus Rugs Australia - About Us.

Cyrus Rugs is one of the largest independent rug retailers in Australia, first commencing business on the Gold Coast in 1988.

Cyrus Rugs is a family owned company lead by Cyrus Mollaian, a man with a passion for rugs, who moved to Italy in 1978 and established a rug business that counted royalty amongst it's clientele. Cyrus then moved to Australia and established Cyrus Rugs Australia on the Gold Coast in 1988. Cyrus's family still continues the operation there, with collaborative buying leading to economies of scale that not only reflect great savings, but also brings you the world's best ranges, styles and trends in modern carpets and rugs.

With more than 30 years in business, Cyrus has become a man that is known for his reputation and is well respected in both business circles and the wider community at large.

Cyrus Rugs is a growing company that employs locals in each of it's stores and works with numerous organisations to support the community.