Why Wool Is the Way to Go With Your Next Rug

In the world of interior design, every choice matters. This is why it’s important to choose decorative household items that tick every box. When it comes to selecting the perfect rug, for example, you should consider size, shape, style, durability, safety features and environmental impact. Once all of these factors have been considered, you can enjoy the benefits of a rug that fits your home and feels good to own. A great way to start is to consider the range of wool rugs available across Australia. These rugs are fashionable yet timeless, adding luxury to every space they occupy. They are also very safe and practical for a busy household. Wool rugs are therefore not only a logical and responsible choice, but also one that will allow you the joy of finding a beautiful and unique centrepiece for your room.


As a core part of your home, it’s inevitable that your rug will get dirty. If you ever spill your drinks, trek in dirt or keep the windows open, you might have to clean your rug constantly to keep it looking good. The addition of kids or pets makes it even harder to keep your rug clean, which adds more stress to your life that you really don’t need. Fortunately, wool rugs are naturally stain-resistant due to their fibre coating, which protects them from dirt. Additionally, they don’t require vacuuming or cleaning as often as synthetic rugs. Dust is held in the pockets of fibres rather than on the surface, so it won’t get disturbed every time someone walks on the rug. This means that a simple weekly vacuum will be enough to keep your wool rug in pristine condition.


When you finally decide on the perfect rug for your home, you want that rug to last a while. Wool rugs are a fantastic choice because they are durable and strong, holding their shape well and proving themselves difficult to break. Wool also has a natural crimp that offers a bounce-back effect, reducing the appearance of compression that comes from footwear or furniture.


Compared to other varieties, wool rugs are incredibly safe. They naturally produce oils and moisture that make them flame-resistant. Wool rugs also have a spring to them that comes from their crimp and makes falls very cushioned. Amazingly, these rugs even act as a filter, absorbing indoor contaminants and purifying the air.


Certain rugs can be huge triggers for allergies, causing a lot of problems for those who are sensitive. Wool, however, is naturally hypoallergenic, hiding dust, fungal spores and pollen in the tiny pockets of its fibres. This means that you and your guests can enjoy spending time on your cosy rug without worrying about nose irritation or breathing problems.


If you’re interested in making environmentally friendly choices, you should consider a wool rug for your space. Wool rugs are renewable and biodegradable, making them safe to dispose of when the time finally comes. Furthermore, producing a wool rug calls for just one-eighth of the energy required to manufacture a synthetic alternative.


If you run a busy household, you’re probably accustomed to a fair amount of noise. Wool rugs can minimise the noise of your household and make your space much more peaceful. These dense rugs are incredible at absorbing sound, whether this sound is associated with footsteps or dropping a heavy item. They also muffle echoes, thereby improving the acoustics of the room. This trait means you can walk around your house freely without worrying about waking anyone or disrupting their concentration.

Looks and Feels Amazing!

Along with all the other benefits of wool rugs, perhaps the most obvious is that they look and feel great. Wool epitomises comfort and cosiness, softening a space both visibly and texturally. This material is also versatile, meaning that it can be dyed a wide variety of colours to suit your preference. Whether you like subtle colours or bold patterns, you’ll be able to find a wool rug that fulfils your vision. You can also find things like tribal rugs, Persian rugs, patchwork rugs and floral rugs made of wool to suit the exact aesthetic of your space.

Where To Start?

If you’re settled on buying a wool rug, it’s time for the fun bit: choosing the best piece for your home! Wool rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, patterns and styles, giving you all the options you can imagine. For a huge range of high-quality wool rugs, check out Cyrus Rugs. We have been a proud supplier of online rugs since 1988, and we use our experience to help our customers find the perfect products for them. Reach out today or browse our online store!