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Shop 5, Domain Central

157 Duckworth Street

PH: (07) 4779 1200



5/17 D'Arcy Drive
Idalia QLD 4811

PH: (07) 4426 7301


Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm

Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Buy High-Quality Rugs in Townsville

If you thought Townsville was not the place for rugs, think again! While Townsville’s humid humans may need little more than a light cardigan, their bare floors may require some insulation, decoration or protection from debris. Boasting a selection of over 30,000 rugs—among which includes wool floor rugs—Cyrus Rugs is proud to stock in Townsville, online and also Australia-wide plenty of amazing rugs. Our cheap rugs are bound to tickle the fancies of modernists and traditionalists alike, as well as those who love an authentic, hand-woven rug.

More About the Best Cheap Rugs in Townsville

Cyrus Rugs may have cost-effective products, but there’s nothing cheap about our customer service. Our friendly team of rug experts want to work with you to arrive at your perfect purchase. They understand that while some will want to cover every corner of their floor with rugs galore, others will have carpet covering it, opting instead for large outdoor rugs. At Cyrus Rugs, we have rugs to cover every surface and need. Did we mention our different collections and styles?

Discover Cyrus Rug’s Selections & Styles

If you haven’t seen our fabulous selections, now’s the time to get browsing. You can view our range online by style, colour, shape, size, material and pattern. Wool floor rugs are a popular collection consisting of many of the rugs that make Cyrus Rugs great, from far-reaching hallway runners to rugs of red or neutral in stunning Scandinavian styles. If your yard could use a little furnishing, we also have large outdoor rugs available in muted and neutral tones, as well as in Scandinavian and botanical patterns. So, whether you wish to spruce up your wooden floorboards, roll out the red carpet for incoming guests or set a focal point for your outdoor entertaining space, you’ll find the high-quality rug you’re looking for at Cyrus Rugs.

Buy In-Store or Enjoy Australia-Wide Shipping & Delivery

If you want high-quality rugs at sale prices, look no further than our rug stores. Our rug-loving staff, informed by over 30 years’ experience, would love to help you find that perfect next addition to your favourite room or entertaining space. Don’t have time to shop in-person? You can always take advantage of our online store and enjoy Australia-wide delivery and shipping (free when you spend over $250!). Head on down to Cyrus Rugs in Townsville or continue your online shopping adventure to find your next perfect piece!

Cyrus Rugs has the largest selection of rugs in town, with over 30,000 rugs to choose from amongst our stores, you can be assured to find your favourite rug. Whether you are looking for a modern rug, a traditional rug or a genuine hand made rug, please call in. You will be astounded by the selection, the friendly and personal service as well as our very competitive prices. You can browse through our rug web shop to get a preview of what’s available in our store. If you have any enquiries feel free to contact your local store or contact the head office directly on (07) 5527 3899.