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Buy Gold-Standard Rugs on the Gold Coast

Cyrus Rugs is the gold standard for rugs, and Gold Coasters can experience that first-hand in-store. Our interior design specialists can walk you through our range of over 30,000 rugs, whether you prefer something modern, traditional, or authentic and hand-woven. If you don’t have time to attend our store, you can always browse our cheap rugs online and reach out to our friendly team if you need assistance! However you access our rug sale on the Gold Coast, we’re confident you’ll find what you need, be that the perfect addition to your lounge room or a solid choice from the best selection of outdoor rugs Australia has to offer.

Learn More About Our Cheap Rugs Ready to Ship Now

Just because our rugs are cheap doesn’t mean they’re tacky. In fact, our rugs are high quality and affordable, to boot! What may feel like sale pricing to you is everyday pricing to us. We want our customers to buy the most beautiful or aesthetic rugs in Australia at the best price possible.

If you’re a fan of neutrals—or if you wish to ground your space with monochromatic patterns or visuals—you may love a light grey rug. Reminiscent of smoke or charcoal, this patch of overcast colouring can be a humbling addition to your floor. Alternatively—or perhaps additionally—if you want to match or contrast the overcast outside (however infrequent this may be on the Gold Coast), you may wish to browse the best outdoor rugs Australia has ever seen. Our outdoor range boasts neutral and muted tones, as well as sunny Scandinavian and bursting botanical patterns to better match your backyard.

Buy In-Store or Online for Australia-Wide Shipping & Delivery

As a family-owned business with more than 30 years’ experience curating our collection of rugs, our collection is a must-see. If you want to spruce up your outdoor space or furnish your floor with a high-quality Cyrus Rug, find us in-store or check out our cheap rugs online! As seasoned interior enthusiasts, we’re champing at the bit to bring you our recommendations and discuss our range of beautiful rugs for all occasions. Visit us in person, or pop online to take advantage of our Australia-wide delivery and shipping. We’ll even waive the shipping fee when you spend over $250!

Cyrus Rugs has the largest selection of rugs in town, with over 30,000 rugs to choose from amongst our stores, you can be assured to find your favourite rug. Whether you are looking for a modern rug, a traditional rug or a genuine hand made rug, please call in. You will be astounded by the selection, the friendly and personal service as well as our very competitive prices. You can browse through our rug web shop to get a preview of what’s available in our store. If you have any enquiries feel free to contact your local store or contact the head office directly on (07) 5527 3899.

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