XL Rugs

Some like it spacious, and that’s what XL floor rugs are for. After all, extra-large is all the rage right now, from oversized T-shirts and hoodies to tall, triple-shot lattes! Here at Cyrus Rugs, we thought it was about time we jumped on the bandwagon; hence, we introduced our range of extra-large rugs. If you order a rug in XL, you’ll soon have all the floor coverage you’ll ever need. Our rugs are also high-quality, aesthetic, and have more love poured into them than any other range in Australia!

Why Buy XL Area Rugs?

While small round rugs have their place, XL rugs fill your space in a sleek and stylish way. There’s nothing more satisfying than setting down an XL floor rug to underscore your primary lounge room setup, drawing the eye towards your lounge suite, one-seater couches and vignette-laden coffee table. Alternatively, large floor rugs are a great way to fill empty space. You can ground any floor by setting down an XL rug, softening what would otherwise appear to be ‘floorboards for days’. Let’s not forget the role a rug can play in an outdoor setting, too. Sometimes, XL rugs make an outdoor area feel that extra bit homey or snug, much as a cosy bed turns regular camping into glamping.

What Colour?

Now you know that extra-large rugs are the way to go, you need only choose your favourite colour! At Cyrus Rugs, we have almost a whole colour wheel to choose from. Whether you want something multi-coloured and vibrant or subdued and neutral, we have XL rugs to meet every taste and fill every space. Why not treat yourself at our latest online sale? When you spend over $250, you can enjoy free shipping, so take this as your design to stock up on XL floor rugs! Did we mention we offer Australia-wide delivery?

Buy XL Rugs Online

At Cyrus Rugs, we are interior enthusiasts who love to place extra-large rugs on a vacant space. If your floorboards are feeling a little cold or uninsulated—or if your courtyard could use a homely touch—you need to buy XL rugs. Shop our range and uncover that coverage you’ve been missing out on. Let’s beautify your floor!

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