Retro Vintage Wool Rugs | Hand Tufted Quality Rugs & Carpets

Discover our Vintage Retro Collection, showcasing exclusive hand-tufted wool rugs. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, displaying authentic craftsmanship.

Vintage and retro rugs effortlessly blend the past with the present, adding character and warmth to interior design. Here are some stylish ways to incorporate them:

  1. Relaxed Rustic: Pair a brown intricate vintage rug with exposed wood beams and distressed elements for an elegant rustic vibe.

  2. Colorful Eclectic: Balance rainbow-themed bookshelves and mid-century furniture with richly toned Persian-style vintage rugs.

  3. Bohemian Beauty: Unify patterns and textures in a bohemian space with a casual vintage rug.

  4. Coastal Cool: Achieve a relaxed coastal look by layering hardwood floors with a grey or blue vintage rug.

  5. Shabby Chic: Soft, feminine vintage floral rugs complement intentionally aged shabby chic interiors.

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