Find Natural Rugs to Transform Your Home

When it comes to choosing a decorative piece or focal point for a space, natural rugs are a wonderful option. These rugs are made from materials derived from nature, and are therefore a more eco-friendly alternative to some other types of rug. Our natural rugs are made from materials such as jute and sisal, and come in natural colours like warm browns, beige and grey. You can also check out our wool rugs range, which features many popular natural products that are fire and stain resistant.

Our natural rugs are furthermore available in a variety of styles. Whether you want a rug with a fringe, a border or a geometric pattern, we have the ideal piece for you. Our traditional rugs are another great option, with the distressed and aged aesthetic pairing perfectly with our natural colour palette. We also have large outdoor rugs, round rugs, square rugs and floor runners available in the natural style, so you can add this aesthetic to any space in or around your home. Whatever your taste or needs may be, we have natural rugs that cater to your preferences.

You’ll Be Floored by the Quality at Cyrus Rugs!

Cyrus Rugs is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 30 years. Over this time, we have developed a strong understanding of what makes a space feel homey and comfortable. Our high-quality rugs are designed to bring life, style and individualism into any home, which is why we offer such a large range of modern and classic rugs. Our shaggy rugs collection, for example, is perfect for people who want extreme comfort, a playful style, and a rug that hides imperfections. We also have round, square and rectangular rugs; small, medium and large outdoor rugs; and rugs of every colour and shade. Furthermore, these products are versatile, made of the best materials, and designed to withstand extended periods of everyday wear and tear. They will provide sufficient protection for your floor boards, all while elevating the space with your chosen aesthetic.

Natural Rugs From a Trusted Australian Brand

For magnificent sales on quality products, you can’t go past Cyrus Rugs. We do everything we can to provide you with a positive experience and the rug of your dreams. We also offer great delivery options with fast shipping across Australia, and free shipping on items over $250. Buy a natural rug online today and make incredible savings!

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