Kum rugs, also known as Qum or Ghom rugs, hail from the city of Meshkinshahr in northwest Iran. These exquisite handwoven creations blend centuries-old craftsmanship with contemporary elegance. Let’s explore what makes Kum rugs truly special:

  1. Historical Roots and Influence:

    • The rugged cliffs of Azerbaijan shelter Meshkinshahr, where rug weaving thrives.
    • Influenced by Mongols who settled in the region during the 13th century, Qum rugs bear traces of ancient techniques.
    • Their bold designs reflect resilience and cultural heritage.
  2. Materials and Durability:

    • Crafted from flawlessly hand-spun wool, Qum rugs boast dense and glossy piles.
    • Some incorporate goat hair or silk for added texture and richness.
    • The symmetrical Turkish double knotting technique ensures longevity.
  3. Vibrant Colors and Versatility:

    • Kum rugs use a wide range of colors, brighter and more colorful than Isfahan or Nain rugs.
    • Warm reds, olive greens, navy blues, and taupe create a beautiful palette.
    • Whether as room-sized rugs or smaller pieces, Qum rugs enhance any space.
  4. Explore Kum Rugs:

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    • Transform your home with the distinctive style of Qum rugs.

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