Bakhtiari rugs, named after the powerful tribe in the middle east, are celebrated for their distinctive style and remarkable quality. These handwoven treasures carry centuries of heritage and cultural significance. And here’s the exciting part: Bakhtiari rugs & carpets for sale are available both in-store and online at Cyrus Rugs in Queensland.

Distinctive Features

  1. Khesti Garden Motif: these rugs often feature an intricate garden motif known as “Khesti.” Each compartment showcases different plants, animals, and symbols, creating captivating patterns.
  2. Vibrant Colors: Expect a harmonious blend of deep reds, bright blues, soft greens, and sunny yellows—all derived from natural dyes.
  3. Nomadic Influence: The Bakhtiari tribe’s nomadic lifestyle and love for nature inspire the motifs seen on these rugs.

Historical Roots

  • Zagros Mountains: The rugged Zagros Mountains of southwestern Iran have been the Bakhtiari tribe’s home for centuries.
  • Enduring Craftsmanship: Each rug is a testament to their enduring craft and cultural traditions.

Choose Your Handwoven Rug or Carpet

  • Explore our collection, where tradition meets contemporary living.
  • Whether you seek a small accent rug or a room-sized masterpiece, Cyrus Rugs offers quality and authenticity.

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