Abadeh rugs, woven in the city of Abadeh, Persia, hold a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Let’s explore what makes Abadeh rugs unique and desirable.

  1. Design and Patterns:

    • These rugs feature central medallions, akin to Isfahan rugs.
    • The field is adorned with stylized floral and geometric motifs inspired by Qashqai tribal designs.
    • Intricate borders enhance visual appeal.
  2. Materials and Colors:

    • Crafted from sheep’s wool (pile) and cotton (warp and weft).
    • Wool ensures softness and durability, while cotton provides strength.
    • A rich palette includes deep reds, blues, browns, and subtle shades of ivory, beige, and green.
    • Natural dyes from plants and insects create vibrant hues.
  3. Craftsmanship and Knotting:

    • Abadeh rugs boast fine craftsmanship, with knot counts ranging from 150 to 300 knots per square inch.
    • Hand-knotted using the Persian (Senneh) knot technique for longevity.
  4. Famous Weavers and Reputation:

    • While specific weavers aren’t widely known, Abadeh itself is renowned for skilled artisans.
    • Collectors seek these rugs for their exceptional quality.

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