Make Way for the Best Runner Rugs in Australia

If you want to give your house guests the royal treatment, it may be time to lay down a hallway runner rug. Far-reaching and regal, long rug runners are the domestic equivalent of the red carpet. While your guests could wipe their feet at the door and enter upon a rugless floor, there’s something so much more comforting about landing upon a plush surface. Rug runners are a special kind of godsend if your hallway is tiled rather than carpeted.

At Cyrus Rugs, we are home to some of the most high-quality floor rugs Australia has ever known. We stock a wonderful assortment of rugs for your living room, your hallway and even your backyard. Take a stride down our runner-rug-adorned floor and see what’s in store in our expansive online rug store.

Explore Hallway Runner Rugs Galore

Imagine for a moment that you’re entering a house. It could be your house or your favourite friend’s or relative’s. As you open the door, look to the floor: what do you see? Do you see a vacant space in need of rugs that are Persian or neutral in design? Sometimes, when you close your eyes, you can imagine your ideal rug. The good news is that Cyrus Rugs has such an expansive collection, chances are we can match your fantasy. So, what’s your favourite colour?

When it comes to runner rugs, we tend to lead with regal red, but we also boast an assortment of neutrals and muted tones, as well as more vibrant and multicoloured palettes. Our runner rugs are available in Persian, floral and traditional patterns, which are often spun from materials such as wool, silk and jute. So, not only are our rug runners certified stunners, but they’re also about the most breathable and natural rugs you could buy. Which of our rug runners will you select to set the mood as you make your way down your house’s hallway?

Enjoy Delivery Everywhere in Australia

Here’s the great thing about Cyrus Rugs: we deliver Australia-wide when you shop online. While you’re here, it may also be worthwhile to stock up on your favourites. This way, not only will you be beautifying your home, but you’ll be enjoying shipping absolutely free—provided you spend $250 or more. At Cyrus Rugs, we’re interior experts with experience spanning three decades. If you want stunner runner rugs at sale prices, you know where to find us!

Shop Runner Rugs Online With Cyrus Rugs

If you still need more convincing, you need only check our hallway runner rug collection. Sometimes, the tapestry speaks for itself. Browse our collection of long runner rugs today and set the tone for a more regal home. We can’t wait to help you find that floor runner rug of your fantasies.

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